Friday, May 23, 2014

The Ferry To Vancouver Island

I didn't post yesterday, we just got so engrossed in conversation with Croft and Norma that time flew by and we were ready for bed.  

We got up at 5 a.m., moved the rv to the storage section where we pay $18 a day and headed for the ferry.  Streets and Trips is doing a good job for us and we are almost through with the free trial.  I think we will pay for the full version and get a puck to use the gps.   We were number 15 in line for the ferry and hopped out of the car to get a coffee in the village.   Before we knew it, we were on the ferry sending an email to Croft to say we were good to go for lunch. 

We've only used the Galveston ferry with the rv so this was the big one.  It holds 300 cars, 12 semis and 1494 crew and passengers.   They have restaurants, shops, internet work stations and a pretty good wifi signal.    It pooped out about halfway through the crossing.  Once to the other side we followed the S&Ts to Croft and Norma's house.   All you do is take the coast highway and when entering Campbell River, look for the big rock!
Once we were settled in, we took off for the wharf and some fantastic fish and chips.   Dick's has the best and we did our share in eating up.   It's a little rainy here but this morning the sun is shining.  We may take a ferry to a nearby island for lunch.
Imagine sitting in your living room and watching the cruise ships go by.   Amazing views and this morning I will cross the street and go to the beach for some exercise.  Croft and Norma are very gracious hosts and every detail is taken care of.   It will be tough to beat when they come back to Mexico.
We like Vancouver and would like to do some touring there.   We will be looking for another place to stay.  I have started our route plan and we would like to jump up to Kamloops to visit Darrel and Sandy and then over to Kelowna to see Colin and Contessa.   I am finding some good boondocking spots already so it looks like we are in good shape.   Gas prices are a shocker but I think we are over it and we had expected it anyway.   We will be spreading out our trip so we can make 3 to 4 day stays in some places.  Canada is beautiful and the Canadians are very friendly.  I think this will be a wonderful summer.


  1. This is almost as much fun as being in Mexico!

  2. So get to work on S&T and post maps on the blog - we will try to keep up with maps on our blog too - we have been doing a lot but too busy to blog - more repairs.

  3. Your travels and visits are going to be so much fun to read about. We're really going to have to be patient, since we're your last stop. We knew Norma and Croft would give you a terrific start to your Canadian adventure. Cheers to all!

  4. I think that Vancouver is a great place for you to explore. So glad you are all having fun on the Island, gosh I could start calling it the Isla couldn't !

  5. Glad you are having a great time with Croft and Norma, figure you would! :-)

    I was just mentioning to Kevin today, that I was wondering if you were going to stop by and see Contessa and Colin. Hope you get to see Darrel and Sandy too. Say hi to all of them for us.

    See you guys if a few weeks.

  6. Looking forward to meeting you guys on Sunday. I'm thinking some Italian food on Commercial Drive...