Monday, May 19, 2014

Silverlake, Washington & Passport America

One of many hikes we took.  This one was a five-miler and we were up pretty high.  This is nature at its best.

We didn't like saying goodbye to my brother and SIL.  We had such a great time with them.  This makes our third trip together in the last four years.   I think we get along pretty well.  We spent last night on the coast of Oregon and had the opportunity to make several coastal stops and do some hiking before going to the state park.   Last night we had grilled salmon and rock fish with my homemade mac and cheese, salad and wine.   We finished the evening watching a silly SNL movie, "SuperStar".   

 Preparing for our time in Valle de Juarez to milk the cows (Tillamook Cheese Factory where we had some gooood ice cream)

This morning took us to the beach for quite a long walk looking for debris from the tsunami in Japan.  There haven't been any big storms recently so we didn't run into anything.   We headed back to our sites, said goodbye and off we went.  Good fun and good people.  

I had an issue with our U.S. cellphone the last week.  They ended up sending us a new SIM card to an rv park we will never return to.   I battled on the phone with them using my SIL's phone a couple of times.  I don't like using other people's stuff but we had no choice.  Thanks Michelle.   Today on our way to Silverlake, we stopped at a Safeway to see if they had phones.   A guy was there browsing the aisle of phones and said he knew a lot about them.   He pointed down to a phone display and said that we could buy a SIM and transfer everything from one to another.   I know nothing about U.S. phones but we did take some of his advice.  We ended up at a Fred Meyer's store and they had the cards.   We talked to the guy who worked there and he said, "get a new phone for $10 and transfer everything".  Sure enough, we bought the last $10 flip phone they had and called Net10.   We now have our 300 minutes transferred, a new phone, and we didn't need to drive back to a rotten rv park to get our new SIM card.

We had a relaxing drive, fixed a sandwich of Canadian bacon, garlic cheese from the Tillamook factory, stopped by the Mount Saint Helen's visitor's center for a few minutes an to take a look at the mountain then pulled into the rv park.  It's a Passport America park and the price was right.  We needed at site with good internet.  Tomorrow we need to attend a two-hour web meeting in Mexico City.   We need to unpack and clean the SUV and the trailer before crossing the border.   Everything has worked out just up to now.   We have a place to store the rv for $18 a night while we visit Croft and Norma, the phone works, I fixed my Skype problem and I won't get into that no thanks to Microsoft.  

Tomorrow we head for Bellingham to do as Croft has suggested and stock the larder before crossing into Canada.  Wow, can't believe we are almost there.  People are sending us their info to stop by for a visit and we will do just that.

A big thanks to my SIL Michelle.  She was able to put up with two Bauer boys for five days.  We hope to meet up with them in November for a weekend in Puerto Vallarta. 


  1. I had to uninstall Skype from the laptop as it kept crashing the computer. No problems since I uninstalled it.

  2. Hey...we should be in Puerto Vallarta in November sometime too!

    Regarding was also causing me problems, but when I installed an earlier version it worked fine.

    1. I kept receiving a message that I needed to login to Microsoft to have access to Skype. Problem was two-fold; I couldn't find my MS password and they couldn't send me a text or voice message because the cellphone wasn't working. Because I was on an unsecured network, they wouldn't send me an email. Now that we are in a park with secured wifi, they sent me an email. I don't get it but now all is working. Now we are ready for Canada.

    2. Strange...I don't get it either!

  3. Very nice family photo. You and your bro definitely look alike.
    Happy crossing! Canada awaits you with open arms!!!

  4. Hope we can meet up, contact us at

  5. We live in Langley, BC in a townhouse so we can not offer rv parking. We can offer a nice dinner at our home or meet and greet somewhere easier for you. Email us or call 604 888 9200. Take care guys, hope we hear from you. Have fun on the island with Norma and Croft, we think that may be our base for retirement so impressions and pictures are welcome. Cheers, P&S