Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Heading To The Grand Canyon


This is going to be quick and dirty because we want to drop a few bucks into the bottomless pit before we head out tomorrow for the Grand Canyon.
Last night we visited with our friend Michelle.  She was our boss almost 25 years ago in Mexico City.  She moved back to the U.S. and married Sagi, a great guy and they have three beautiful children.  Sagi is in Israel because his mother has suffered a stroke and not doing well.  We missed seeing him but we are praying for his mother's quick recovery.   We talked all night after a great Minnesota dinner Michelle had fixed.   We covered her life, ours, politics, you name it.   The usual for me.  It was fun.  This woman opened many doors for me that led to my work travels throughout Mexico, Central and South America.  We are so happy to have her as a friend.  The years go by, but we remain in close contact.

Michelle and Sagi's dogs listen to our rants on life and politics.  Michelle says, "you have really become a conservative".  Yikes!

Today was a fun one also.  We got together with Brian and Sue, everyone knows them so I don't need to say to much other than they invited us to a great lunch outdoors overlooking Fountain Hills lake.  They have a wonderful place surrounded by mountains.   Brian is a guru on travel maps and he has been coaxing or should I say coaching me on Microsoft Streets and Trips which I am now convinced to download.   Thanks you guys, we had a great day and it is always good to meet up with friends.

So we say goodbye to Talking Stick Casino, it has been good to us even though we didn't win a few bucks.  A great boondocking spot for rvers, lots of things to see and do nearby not to mention easy access.   We've had a great stay and hope to be back here someday soon.

Just received a voice mail from our bank in the U.S.  A possible compromise on the account.  I called, it turns out we purchased gas in Tucson and they did a test charge of $300 before we pumped.   Not an issue, the charge was not posted and we went through the last two weeks worth of transactions.  Nothing was of concern.  Good to know they are on top of things. 


  1. Michelle was your boss 25 years ago? She doesn't look much older than that!!

    1. Michelle would love to hear that, she is thirteen years younger than I am. She's a special person. More when we see you guys. Can't wait. I think we will have to hang around a couple of days just to catch up.

  2. When we were in Costa Rica our (US) friend's VISA card was compromised... and the bank cancelled it. Ann and Steve had to make several long distance phone calls (no cell service.. and once the bank cancelled the card, they couldn't access it on internet)... anyway, I'm sure y'all have at least another card to use in case this happens while you're on this wonderful vacation.

  3. Good point, you should have 2 different credit cards and each your own ATM card.