Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What A Disappointment

Tomorrow I head to McAllen for an overnighter coming back Friday afternoon.  This is a short course from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.   I need to stop by a friends house and pick up some pins I ordered for the WDH (weight distribution hitch).  We keep dropping a bar and I want to get that fixed.

Today is a busy one.  First I won't be going to the gym.   My head cold has gotten the best of me and I actually slept in until 6:45.  That's practically a first.  I want to do some thing around the house and then I have to stop by the repair shop to find out what part I need to buy in McAllen.  That's another guy who has put me off looking for the part for two months now.  Then I have a meeting in Allende, stop by the car wash, head to Monterrey to meet people at the bank and then a 2:30 in town also.   Almost there though and come Saturday it will be smooth sailing.   We hope to leave on Wednesday.

The camera guys came and installed the system and it works great.   No worries there and they were friendly people.  I can see who comes up and down the street, when the cats come in to eat and what they are doing, the gardener doing his job, etc.

 I stopped by the carpenter yesterday for our 4 p.m. appointment and he said he needed 30 more minutes as he was making a delivery.  He asked me to buy the rails for the bedroom drawers.   What?  No rails!  Then I asked him if he had the small pistons for the cabinet door.   What?  He can't find them!   I told him to give me the door and I was done.   He brought the door and guess what . . .   I was never painted.   How in the hell was he going to my house to install a door without the pistons and the door being painted?  What a loser.   I told him he was off my list as I wanted new kitchen cabinets and he had been recommended to me by other people but was now off my list and if anybody asked, I had no comments.  Arghhh.   "Croft, you were right with your comment".   I'll be installing a door and rails myself next week.

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    This is what I have. Too small to build a house with but perfect for small projects like doors.