Friday, April 4, 2014

Keeping Warm

Stopped by to pick up the carpenter today to have our new cabinet door installed on the entertainment center and new drawer rails in the bedroom dresser.  No one was in the shop but his wife and she said he was there just a minute ago.  I saw the door on the work bench but it was missing another coat of paint.  He showed up a few minutes later and said that the painter took off to help in a kitchen installation and was supposed to finish it before leaving. Well, today is Friday and las caguamas (liter bottles of beer) are waiting.   In our little town things shut down on Friday early.   Okay, next Monday then.   We still have time and it is a 30 minute job.   

Now you guys are telling me we are going to run into snow in Canada.   Cool!   We are packin' heat and lots of it.  Thanks to Sal in Valle de Juarez we have a great install for our Mr. Heater and it works really well.   

I still need to test the electric blanket on the inverter.   I know you may think it is a power eater but we put it under the sheets and keep it on the lowest of 10 settings.   At home we use it all the time in the winter and there is no change in the electric bill.  Yep, big difference in 110 off the grid and batteries but let's hope it works fine on the coldest of nights.  I don't know what happened, but my little plug in 12V meter reader broke.   It was kind of broken for awhile but now it won't even read.  I'll put the blanket on the bed and take it with us and worst case the batteries don't like it but if we have 110 we can use it.

We're counting down the days now and I guess we are as ready as can be.  


  1. Oh... you mean packing heat... as in calores or caliente... or whatever the heck warm is. Didn't really think you'd be "carry'n" into Canada.... but.... hey, just keep warm, whatever it takes.

  2. Have you thought about a separate battery for the blanket? When it runs out in thee middle of the night, one of you will have to jump out of bed aand grab a comforter. It reminds me of a joke, but I won't bore you with it.

  3. Forget the blanket. We use a nice warm sleeping bag while we sleep. Then I click on the thermostat in the morning. You sleep better when it's cool.

  4. Are you headed to the Vancouver Bc area? If so it would me nice to meet up. I rarely post on the blogs but read many and what better way to get acquainted then to meet here in the lower mainland if you are visiting. Cheers, Shelagh

    1. Hi Peter, Drop me a mail if you can and we will make it a point to stop by or a visit! Sounds like fun!

  5. Good thinking! It's really important to be prepared before the cold weather comes in, as it can really get crazy out there. The temperatures have been plummeting really badly the past winter, which makes us unsure what to expect anymore. Better be prepared for all situations, though. Take care! :D

    Mark Connor @ Enviro Tech Insulation