Friday, April 25, 2014

Windy Travel Day - Deming, NM

We stopped in Roswell this morning to pick up something to cook in the crockpot while we were on the road.  Albertson's had 2 x 1 on all their poultry and meat.   What a deal.   Everytime we go into the rv we smell something good cooking.  
First stop was Ruidoso for a rest and a walk around through their visitor's center.   Juan wanted to read up on Billy the Kid.  Great place to stop and stretch.   The winds were picking up but I refused to go over 1800 rpms.   I'm trying to keep our mpg at 13 on this trip.  So far so good.   Sometimes it was slow going but we're not in a hurry on a day to day basis.  
Another quick stop at White Sands visitor's center.   Great movie room with a video about White Sands and how it was formed.  Lots of people were stopped there.   Funny, you can walk all over the sands, buy a snow dish to slide down the dunes but you can't park overnight.  Primitive camping is limited to tent campers, no sleeping in your vehicle.   Hacked me off.
Gas was $3.23 a gallon when we pulled in to Las Cruces.   I passed two stations and the price was creeping up.   Good thing I turned around and went back a half a mile and filled up.  In town it went up to $3.39. 
We are parked at the Walmart tonight in Deming.  There are about four rigs there.  One guy has his travel trailer unhooked, stuff on the ground and his truck parked caddy wampus.  Not good for the Walmart etiquette.   Tomorrow we will be at a casino in Tucson where you are supposed to sign up and receive @10 plus two tickets for their $19 buffet.   I wonder if they have crab legs? 


  1. Juan, don't wear your deer suit around Norma or she will smack you over the head with her shovel!

    Good deal on the casino, even better if they have crab.

  2. True - it would be nice to camp at White Sands.....I hope you went in though anyway!

    Brace for the wind tomorrow - as I mentioned on our blog we have never done the Deming to Tucson ride without wind. Maybe stop and see the Thing for us - we never have.

    LOVE Tucson - enjoy.

  3. Good deal on the gas. So you didn't go sledding, eh!

  4. You need to be planning your gasoline stops using . Overt he course of your trip you'll probably save a couple of hundred bucks planning your purchases.

    1. We make GasBuddy our first check on the internet, but now it seems gas prices are creeping up. With a small tank it can be hard to plan stops through the desert. Looks like the prices are lower in Arizona!