Monday, April 28, 2014

Boondocking At Talking Sticks Casino - Phoenix

It was a short drive yesterday from Tucson to Phoenix.  Sorry to say goodbye to Casino Del Sol in Tucson.  It was a fantastic stay and way too short.   They really know how to treat guests.   We headed out for fuel first, $3.28, you can't beat that.   Next was the Camping World where we enjoyed using a free dump station.   Funny Camping World, they have no parking for rvs!   We looked around the store but the few things we need are just so much cheaper on line or at an rv parts supply.   I don't like to use anything for free, like at the casino, we dropped some money and paid for food, just like at Camping World, we should have purchased something.  We had a salesman take us around but they have a very small inventory.  Fruit and granola in the car with a cup of coffee was breakfast.  I did some exercise before we took off too.  Got to keep that up.
When we pulled into Phoenix it was chaos on the freeway.   I don't like driving here, it's nuts.   We were hauling butt at 60 mph to try and stay out of the way but people were going at least 85 mph.  Even rvs and travel trailer were zooming by us.  I guess the cost of fuel and the use of a finite resource still doesn't matter to Americans.
We followed the GPS to Talking Sticks.   As we approached the turn lane for the parking lot, a policeman directing traffic stopped everything.  He walked over to us and I rolled down the window.  He said, "Welcome to Talking Sticks, the rv parking is at the next turn.  I'll hold traffic while you move over".  How is that for a welcome.   We did what he said and there were four motorhomes in the parking lot.
Off we went to the concierge and they gave us a three day parking permit and we signed up to the club for the card.  No card benefits here though.   We were told we could unhitch and set up.   Very quiet at night.  We took a drive down the main avenue to see what was around, bought some water at a Glacier vending machine filling up our five gallon water jub.   Headed back to the casino and played our money on the card and then dropped two dollars each.   Still like the cling, cling, cling of coins and I won't back down on that although I know I'm living in the past.
Enjoyed a happy hour at home and watched the local evening news before hitting the pillow.   An excellent nights sleep.

An anecdote about the dangers of cell phone use.   I came up to the casino this morning to make sure we were good on the wifi and the woman at the concierge gave us the login information.  As I was walking out of the casino, a guy who reminded me of Midnight Cowboy was talking on his Iphone with his "I'm cool gate" seeing the hot women standing outside, he walked right into the automatic doors and knocked them off their glides.   He wasn't hurt but his pride was as he fumbled to get into his hot red Mustang parked in front.   I looked at the girls and we all giggled!

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  1. I like the cling, cling sound of coins too, so I go to the Laundromat, put a ten dollar bill in the change machine and listen to the sound ;-)