Sunday, April 6, 2014

Last Minute Stuff

Last night we stayed in Monterrey and attended a quincenera.   That was a lot of fun except for the noise.  I guess I have built a reputation over the years for being a person who doesn't tolerate a lot of noise and partying.   I posted about a part of the party last night on Facebook called "batucada", a Brazilian band of about eight people who come marching into the party beating drums and making noise for about 30 minutes.  So loud that this morning my ears were still ringing and some people actually went outside.  Anyway, I was told "no aguantas nada, jejejeje", or "you don't tolerate anything, hahahaha".   I guess not, I must be a real sourpuss but I think I have a great life.
Got up early and with our time change, we headed out for breakfast.  Good breakfast, Huevos Gobernador, sincronizados (flour tortillas with cheese and ham) covered with two fried eggs and served with beans.  Very good.
Then we headed home for a nap, and then being lazy all afternoon.  So we decided to fix dinner and guess what?  Nothing in the house to eat, no eggs, no meat.  We made salsa and made some fried potatoes and Juan decided to go up to the highway to look for some cooked arrechera, no luck.  He bought eggs only to find out when he got home there was no gas for cooking.  Tosatadas with beans and cheese and French fries.
I cleaned out the black, grey and fresh water tanks and no we need to start reorganizing the cabinets and the closets, packing what we need for warm and cold weather.  I go to McAllen on Thursday for an event at a high school and then back home for the finals.  Cameras installed on Tuesday, details on the pool and a talk with the gardener and his wife about the house and the cats.   I'm ready.


  1. I, for one, don't like dealing with the "last minute" details. I prefer dealing with that stuff months in advance when it's not practical.... oh well... that's why Bill & I get along so well. I'm kinda jealous... our travels have changed so much since we started out in 2001.... sometimes we're so damned predictable.... I still like the spontaneousnous.... SP?;;;;; but..... since I love my live, what can I say? Only that I'm hoping we'll track you through your travels and see you in Maine. Much love... and safe travels...

  2. I agree, making noise just for the sake of making noise is a non-starter for me. That is usually when I walk out. I understand last minute preparations. Everything is last minute for us. See you on "The Island" soon.