Wednesday, April 2, 2014

13 More Days

Let's see, what have I been working on?  I bought a 2x4 (yep, I know it really isn't a 2x4 anymore), had it cut into 30 cm lengths for new stabilizer supports.  I got those painted today.

Ordered new set pins and clips for the WDH (weight distribution hitch), those I will pick up in McAllen on the 11th at my last seminar for the school year.

Opened new online paying lines for insurance and to pay the care taker while we are gone.  Easy to do transfers these days even between banks.  Pretty much all of the bill paying is taken care of for the trip.

Still thinking about downloading new maps for Canada on the TomTom, not sure if it is worth the 50 bucks they are asking.  I think it would make things easier when we go to visit someone or some place.

Story on buying the wood or reverse discrimination.   I went to Home Depot, picked out the wood and asked them to cut it.  They gave me a ticket to pay for the wood and the cuts and sent me off to the check out.  While I was choosing the piece I wanted, I noticed a young girl looking for wood.  In Mexico, you don't have to wait long for assistance if you are a woman.   She was probably 22 yrs old, kind of pretty but not in good physical condition (chubby).  So when I went to ask them to cut the wood, she was there and she wanted to make a shadow box.  Boy, these guys were all over her like white on rice.  They measured, she'd change the measurements and they'd re-cut the pieces, on and on.  After I came back from paying the ticket, they were still all over her.  One of them even offered to glue and nail the pieces.   I stood there for about 10 minutes and finally one of them asked me what I wanted.  I showed him my ticket and he looked a bit annoyed because now his friend was going to take over.   When he grabbed the paper from my hand I held it tight and looked him in the eye and said, " It's okay, I can wait while you paint it too!".   He didn't know what to say and the girl looked at me and started laughing.   We both got a kick out of it.  

So now we are in the waiting game.  Cameras should be installed on Saturday and I will begin prepping the trailer.  The truck still has two more items to check and one is the fan clutch.  Other than that, I am at the point where there is really not much else we can do but close up the house, say goodbye to the kitties and take off. 

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  1. Ha! I laugh! Good one! You must be getting excited. Remember to pack some warm clothes.