Monday, April 21, 2014

On The Road To Marfa

 We spent Sunday at the lake doing some hiking and taking pictures.  Quite a few people showed up for Easter picnics but they were all pretty quiet groups.   Another Cruiser rv pulled in next to us yesterday afternoon.  We met Jim and Martha from Florida.  A very nice couple that just started rving this last week.   Previously they had purchased a trawler and traveled the South Pacific for four years!  Can you imagine.  They are headed to Alaska and we may just run into them again.   That was fun!

The great train bridge that runs across the lake.  

 Cactus in bloom along the trails.   There are several nature hikes and we did most of them.

Guess who standing next to the lake.  There is really very little water left.  The drought has taken its toll.  We saw only two boats all day.   People were attempting to fish but not much to catch either.  

 My first selfie!

We're in Alpine at the moment and after checking our mail we are stopping by the grocery and get some gas too before heading out to the Marfa Lights visitor's area.  Hopefully we will spend the night and then continue on tomorrow.  All is good!


  1. Glad everything is going well....we are in Odessa TX......Marilyn

  2. If you get picked up by a Marfa UFO, send a postcard. We are in Ely, NV trying to beat you to Campbell River.

  3. Hope your night in Marfa is warmer and the lights reveal themselves. When we were there last month, it was cold, windy, and light-less. But the Prada store was fun for a few photos, and the Fort Davis area was great too. Nothing topped Big Bend though. If you guys haven't been there, try to see if you can stop back there on your way home!