Monday, April 14, 2014

We Need To Simplify

 First time in 13 years we have turned off the refrigerator.  This is the original fridge we bought when we moved in here. 

Getting ready for the trip today I cleaned out the refrigerator and got it packed with newspaper.  I washed linens and blankets and pulled up the rugs from the living room and the dining room.  They need to be vacuumed and the woman who is coming to clean doesn't know how to use a vacuum or to change the bag.  Too much to explain so they are in the bedrooms.

We had the gardener and his wife over tonight to give them their lists of duties and show them around the inside of the house.  I also decided to pay the electric and phone bill for the next four months just to avoid any problems via internet that we could have.   Done, no worries and no "OMG, I forgot" and life goes on without any problems.

What I did discover was that we have way too much stuff in both the house and the rv.   "I" could live out of a suitcase and a laptop bag.   Odds and ends, and leftover bags, containers, salt and peppers, soy sauce packets, triplicates of cookware, dishes, 1000 coffee mugs, clothes that are not used, well you get the idea and the list goes on.  

Tonight we had happy hour in the rv and went through all the cabinets eliminating and consolidating whatever we could.   We have decided to travel light including clothes.   This may be a lesson learned when we get back home the end of August.  

BTW,  many years ago I developed a system called, "My Life In A Box".   But that's another story!

Tomorrow is laundry, packing up the clothes we are taking and hitching up for take off on Wednesday morning.  I apologize for my mistake on dates.  For some reason I thought that Wednesday was April 15th.   That's when we are leaving for Laredo.


  1. Ha! We hear you Chris! Our life isn't quite as 'simple' as we wish - stuff just starts to add up somehow. Every winter we come down with too much stuff! And now we want a house to collect even more!? I hope we can resist the urge to collect more with a larger space.

    Tomorrow you are on your way!

  2. When we leave Holland I clean the fridge out with chlorine, turn off electricity, put boxes of char coal in it and close the door! When I come back 9 months later, no smell, no mold or anything. I just wipe it with a cloth, turn on the electricty and go.
    Claudia ps I dont want to be anonymous, sorry