Saturday, April 19, 2014

Lake Amistad

Headed out of San Antonio around 8:45 this morning and headed straight for Hwy 90.   We pulled over in Castroville to visit a credit union branch to make a deposit and do a correction on an account.  Americans don't get the concept of a passport.   They refused to take my U.S. passport as and ID.  They said my Texas ID card was expired so they couldn't help me.  Finally, after some coaxing the teller said she would make an exception.  I mentioned to her that I could get a fake Texas ID or driver's license in a garage in San Antonio for $25 and she said, "well, that would work".   Oh brother.

We checked our emails at a McDonald's and had a senior coffee before taking off again.   The drive was easy and the road pretty good.   Here is a pic of a small wind farm.  In today's San  Antonio Express on the front page is a story about how wind farms are changing the economic face of Texas and helping to create jobs as well as cheaper energy.

As we were leaving Uvalde, dead ahead of us comes a helicopter.  No police or emergency vehicles but this chopper sat down just meters from the red light we were waiting at.   Pretty cool but a bit concerning not knowing what it was doing.

We arrived to Del Rio at 2:30 and filled up with gas.   What a deal, $3.45 a gallon, that was the best price we found on the way out of San Antonio.  We stopped by the local Walmart to check on wifi systems and also to pick up a new map.  Walmart Del Rio only carries a city map of San Antonio?  Why a city map of San Antonio I'll never know unless it is for the fact that this is a military town and servicemen are transferred to San Antonio and need a map to get around?

We got to the lake a little after and found our spot.  This one is $4 a night no hookups but is very, very quiet and only a few campers.  I guess that's because the drought has left the lake pretty empty.   Took a quiet nap on a wonderful Sealy Francis Plush mattress and now we are at the local McD's for email.   We are heading back for a hike before happy hour and sunset if the sun comes out.  As you can tell by the pic it is pretty much overcast but this afternoon the solar was pulling in 2.5 amps.  Very happy with everything so far.  We will stay here until Monday when we head out to Marfa, Tx to spend the night and see the Marfa lights.


  1. WoW! What a busy day! I'm tired just reading it all! We are not fans of the Del Rio Walmart parking lot - so small! Derek was flustered and went up the wrong lane and had a nasty lady let him know about his mistake. Sheesh.

    Glad you are enjoying Lake Amistad. I hadn't done much research and so we didn't stop there - I was sorry about that as we drove by since it looked pretty although close to the highway - and ya - the water is way out.

    We missed Marfa this year so hope you see some lights through you guys! LOL - not sure when they were last seen. I read that you can dry camp in the parking lot.

    Funny about the passport. Sheesh!

    Nice to be on your way officially - right?!

  2. Looks like you'll be heading north... but way to the west of us. What can I say? We'll see you in Maine. As for the passport for ID... US citizens have a whole different concept.... we won't even go there.

  3. Sounds like a good first official day on the road, a few hassles but a great overnight stop.

  4. You are on the road1 Adventure awaits!

  5. I went to pilot training at Laughlin AFB in Del Rio, Queen City of the West in 1965/66. Spent a lot of time in Mexico for the food, booze and beef. amistad dam didn't exist at that time. We did have Lake Walk. Glad to hear that the solar is working.

  6. I hope you stopped at Seminole Canyon State Park to see the rock art!