Monday, April 7, 2014

Not One Of My Best Days

I got the tanks cleaned out and ready to go, that was one major thing on my list today.  However, I was sick all last night.   I had severe heartburn which I never get and also started to feel like I was getting a cold, scratchy throat and lots of post-nasal drip.  I couldn't sleep half the night. 

This morning I didn't go to the gym and Monday is our fasting day.  No fasting for me, I had to eat something.   I can always fast tomorrow.   It's 8 p.m. now on Monday and I feel a bit better and hope to sleep through the night.  As I said, none of this is normal for me.  I can only think of one thing and that was the party Saturday night.  We sat at a table right under the air conditioning vent and it was very uncomfortable and the food was, well, okay.   Who knows, could be something completely different.

My big disappointment of the day was the carpenter.   I had to give him an ultimatum.  When I went today to pick up the installer, I found out that the cabinet door was made almost two weeks ago but never painted except for the primer coat.  

The owner came out and I told him pretty much that if he doesn't have it ready for install tomorrow at 2 p.m. I want my deposit back and he can forget the work.   We'll see what happens.  I doubt I will see the deposit back and will have to blow this one off.   What was supposed to be four days is now turning into three weeks.

As for the cameras, well today is San Lunes (hangover Monday), and after paying a hefty 50% deposit, not only did they not show up but they don't answer either, at least as of this afternoon.  Let's hope tomorrow is a better day.


  1. You're almost there. Hang in there, amigo! When you hit the road, this will all be but a distant memory . . .

  2. Buy a table saw and take a basic carpentry course, it will be quicker than waiting for these guys!