Friday, April 25, 2014

UFO City

Yesterday was a fun day but a big disappointment.  Roswell is not what we had expected but on the other hand it has one very interesting site.   We got up early, watched local news from Albuquerque and had some great coffee.  It's cold here in the mornings.  They had snow in Roswell just two weeks ago.

We headed out for the visitor's center to pick up some maps.  The two girls who work the center are from Guadalajara and they were happy to know we were from Mexico.  We had quite a chat for awhile and they gave us some good tips.   As you can see below we did the UFO and alien tours but opted out of the big UFO museum.  As Teresa said the other day, it is mostly newspaper clippings and pictures.  We decided we had better things to do with our money.

And you thought I was joking about my tin foil hat.  I had it disguised under my straw hat.  This guy wasn't very happy about it either.  I think there could have been something between us.

Henriette Wyeth and Peter Hurd are famous southwest artists.  Their paintings hang in Museum of Art here in Roswell.  We haven't seen a museum as well done as this other than the Nelson Art Gallery in Kansas City.   There paintings, portraits and self-portraits are truly amazing.   The museum also features a history section and includes artifacts from native Americans, the Spanish inquisition, the black homesteading of this area as well as Goddard's work with rockets.  We will remember this place for a long time and recommend it to everyone.  Below is mural painted by a local artist.  

Lots of poverty here in rural New Mexico.  We are actually in Dexter, a small town just outside Roswell.   We went into town the other day looking for some wine for dinner.  All the businesses seem to be owned by whites and there are lots of poor Hispanics just barely making ends meet.   Parts of Roswell, where the tourists area is located, seems depressed.   We did find a winery on the main street and the son and co-owner gave us a good run down on the wine tasting and the establishment they run.  Too bad we're taking off, he says his Friday happy hour is a hoot and brings in all types of people and makes for a long Friday evening of conversation and meeting new people.  He also showed us a local vodka made from milk.    

As we were heading back to the rv park, we hit huge detour.   There had been a shoot out at a convenience store with at least one person shot dead.   Sad.


  1. shootouts only happen in Mexico right (just a dig at the Americans who think that way)

  2. Yup. See. Strange museum. We hit the Art Museum and VC too. We also went to the free zoo which was rough with very sad concrete accommodations for the animals. If you head west on the 380 the town of Lincoln is worth a stop.