Wednesday, April 23, 2014

That's Why Rvs Have Wheels

We had a great trip yesterday and decided to make a detour and a route change.  We have been to Guadalupe Mountains Natl Park twice and wanted a change of scenery.   We were looking for a boondocking spot called Avalon Reservoir outside of Carlsbad, NM on our way to Roswell.  I figure Norma will get a kick out of it after she finds out I have already fashioned my aluminum foil hat just for this trip :)   We couldn't find the reservoir and opted for the Brantley State Park outside of Carlsbad.   Can't beat primitive sites for $8 a night including water and dump station.  

As you can see, we had an idyllic spot right on the water.   What a view and the weather was fantastic.  Saw a couple of kids pass by and kick the water and they left after a few minutes.  Other than that we were all by our lonesomes.   Went for a long walk around the park and along the water and the winds picked up and that made me thirsty.   Our clocks had changed on the cellphones automatically so we were an hour behind now but for us it was still 6 p.m. and good enough for happy hour.   I fixed a great salad with chicken for dinner.  We had put the crockpot on in the morning, hooked up to the inverter and stowed in the kitchen sink.   Man was that good chicken and cooked with energy from the sun.  You can't beat that.   We are really into this "new to us" Redbox where you can rent a video for $1.20 and have it for 24 hours dropping it off at the next stop.   We fired up the video and it was really dark out.  I opened the door and said that we should go out and watch the stars instead.   OMG!  A flood of pests entered the rv.   The walls were covered with all kinds of tiny flying insects.   We closed everything up, cleaned up the mess and then headed to higher ground to the day use parking lot.   Ended up finishing the movie and having a good night.  Whew!

Yep, I hadn't even showered yet but I am on a kick to stick to our budget and to eating healthy.   So I decided to make our own McMuffins using whole grain English muffins, low-fat turkey sausage and eggs, no cheese.   They were fantastic this morning and I cooked up the sausage and stowed it in the freezer.  We've been doing a mini-fast two days a week on Monday and Thursday, 300 calories morning and night with nothing in between and no alcohol.  Seems to be working and my pants are getting saggy.

A disturbing fact though about the lake we stayed at.   You can fish but not eat what you catch.  The levels of DDT are very high.   So this morning we went to the ranger's station and asked about the water since it was a reservoir and what they did with the water.   He said it is used for irrigation.  Yikes!  DDT on our food!  
We will spend two days at a Passport America park in Dexter, NM.  I want to do some caulking on the exterior lights and sides, work on our route plan and work on a proposal that I need to submit for the national convention in November.  We are heading east to Phoenix to see Brian and Sue and old friends from Mexico Sagi and Michelle.  From there we want to pass by the Grand Canyon then on to Reno to visit my oldest sister before heading to the Oregon coast where we will meet up with my brother Steve and SIL Michelle.    Also we have friends in Eugene to see and people in Seattle.   I think I need to talk with Croft and Norma about when we will be there to visit.  We need more time!


  1. We stayed at Brantley SP back in 2008 - we visited the Caverns from there and the drive in in Carlsbad. Yup - you gotta love New Mexico State Parks! Enjoy Roswell - not as professional as I was expecting - the UFO museum that is but neat nonetheless.

    Looks like a good route! See you when we see you!

  2. Ah come'on..... where's the picture of you in your tin foil hat?

  3. We have our speech all ready to deliver to you when you get here by which time you will know what I am going to say! I bet my foil hat is nicer than your foil hat. I can see Juan in the background shaking his head as is Norma here.

  4. Yup, bugs are part of the RV experience. Next time close the lights before opening the door. I do have a fabulous 2 night boondocking place for you in Eugene if you need it. You haven't even got to Canada and you are running out of time!

    1. Running out of time just for now. We are meeting up with my sister in Reno on the 5th and then my brother from Idaho is coming out to the Oregon coast to meet us on the 12th. After that we can take our time. In fact, we are going too fast for me.