Sunday, April 27, 2014

Boondocking At Casino Del Sol In Tucson

Everything we read on is true.  Casino del Sol caters to the rver as well.  We
parked out in the lot farthest from the casino hotel and went inside.  The guard at the door told us there was a concert in the amphitheater from 7 to 10 and customers had priority with parking and if we had parked any closer we may have been asked to move later on.   We signed into the club, received our club card with $10 cash and the $19 buffet.   The guy at the desk saw our driver's license from Monterrey and said he had worked there for four years helping to open a couple of casinos there.  Small world.
We played a few machines, went home for a drink (no free drinks here just water, soda  and coffee).   Headed back to the casino for the buffet.

Once we had someone show us how the machines work with the card and the cash we were off to a good start.  We haven't played in a casino for ten years and to be honest I like using coins.  This new paper system is okay but takes a lot of the fun out of it.   We were up and then down but in the end we lost about five bucks.  We will play two dollars more in a few minutes before we go.  

The buffet was good, no crab legs.  It was luau night and the weekend buffet is $25 but included Brazilian espadas with beef, pork and lamb so we paid the $6.  Well worth although I think buffets are not very healthy.   We tried just to nibble to get a taste of everything.  Chinese stir fry, the Brazilian espadas, seafood, very good shrimp, excellent Italian bar with pastas and hand tossed pizzas.   You can see Juan's dessert plate below to get an idea.

A very good part of the casino is the rv parking.   Had it not been for the concert, you can park close in to the casino and the light poles have 110 outlets.   We were going  to move after the concert goers had left but by that time I was too pooped to pop and we decided to hookup the Mr. Heater and we kept nice and warm all night.   Wifi is available in the hotel lobby and had we been closer in we could have used it from the rig.  We had a signal but it was weak.  Very quiet.   I give this place a 10 plus.   Off of IH-10 it is eight miles south on Valencia Ave.   We found gas again for $3.28.
We're off to Talking Sticks casino in Phoenix.  My sister sent a picture of Reno from yesterday, snow falling!  Too many pics to post of all the great things we have seen on the road and also for lack of wifi but we are doing good so far with internet access.


  1. Pretty good deal at the casino. We have never had that many perks, usually 410 on the card and a discount at the buffet. Gas will get increasingly expensive as you head north. It was $3.99 near the ferry dock in Port Angeles.

    But who cares? You have to pay it so just HAVE FUN!!

  2. We've stayed there in the past... but they were still building and I think you got a better deal than us. I'm sure you're right about the buffets, but... darn! they're good! Juan looks like he just hit the jackpot... maybe he's like us and play the penny machines?

  3. We agree, casinos were a lot more fun when they used real coins!