Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Smooth Sailing Ahead

I can't think of anything left to do.  We did all the banking stuff today, I had a bad wheel bearing changed out on the VW, got my Mexican tax return from the accountant, and I am packed and ready to go in the morning to McAllen.  If I make it through this trip and come home on Friday night it is smooth sailing ahead.

Saturday I will be doing things at my leisure packing up the rv and making last minute fixes.  I think I can adjust the rails on the bedroom dresser to an upward position and that will fix the problem.  The cabinet door fits perfectly and I just need to find the hinges or whatever those thingies are called in McAllen and I may just take a cabinet sample to match the paint.   

The only other thing to do is to collapse the lot and the house into a bunker and then we're ready to go!  You can't do any more than we have done.   Time to have four months of fun and what happens, happens.  I bet all you snowbirds had the first time jitters too!  Now it's our turn.  

Here's to a good event in McAllen and a great weekend!  I need to start brushing up on my Canadian and my French.   I have my white socks, camera strap, baseball hat and 100 SPF so I should look just right to be out of place!

If you were to ask me what I am thinking about now in terms of the trip it would be Hwy 90 through West Texas.   Oh man, crossing the Pecos River.   What a sight!  

(Sandy, if you're reading this we hope to see you guys soon)


  1. This post sounds SO much more positive than the last. The heck with the cabinet door... it can wait. Start on that big adventure to Canada and beyond.... it's time! Don't forget... we'll be near Caribou, Maine come June and we hope we're on your list of "drop-ins".

    1. I know, but I just want everything to be comfortable. Yep, how could we go all that way and not stop by to see you guys! We'll be there the last week of July. Can't wait to see you guys. Maybe we can do a geo cache.

  2. Good news! So exciting to be with you for the departuree. Definitely - Derek and I get the jitters at the beginning - every time. It takes a few weeks to hit our stride. Good idea with the 90 although I don't mind the Interstate thru west Texas either - both nice rides. Stop by The Saddle Club in Alpine for us if you get the chance - nice place!

  3. The countdown is on. Heck you even got your cold out of the way. Good luck in McAllen.