Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Overnight At The Marfa LIghts


Took off from Lake Amistad and stopped by the dump station to fertilize Mother Earth and then fill up with water. They have very good facilities at the lake and the price of $4 per night can't be beat.  We stopped off at Langtry, Tx although we have been there many times.  It is a Texas tourist information site and we picked up a few brochures and maps. 

Got to Marfa in the afternoon around 4 p.m.  and took a long nap.  The train tracks are across the highway and the trains run regularly during the day.  We think only two passed by last night and only one caught my attention.  Yep, it was chilly at night but we kept warm without any problems.  There was another rv from California parked behind us.

So the lights are real and we did see them.  Lots of them.  We know they aren't headlights but these lights stir quite a bit of controversy even there at the visitor's center.  The binoculars they provide do a good job.  We sat outside for about two hours after dusk and had fun chatting with other people and listening to people tell their stories and give their opinions.  Some people we saw; a heavy woman with very squeaky shoes, a bicyclist you was dressed and looked like Lance Armstrong who was biking across country (we saw him smoking dope, very healthy I'm sure), a French couple, a drunk couple and he knew all about the lights!   It was fun.  Just an observation.  You can see the lights below.

I thought it was truly amazing.  Of course, no one will ever know the truth because they don't want us to. I am convinced they are beings who live inside the mountains and have an agreement to be left alone and the Marfa lights is the cover.  You can tell I couldn't let go.

Sunrise from the bedroom this morning with a fresh pot of coffee, warm heat from the furnace and lots of juice being generated from Mother Nature.  

P.S.  Yep, we passed the Prada shoe and handbag store outside of Valentine, Tx sitting along the highway all by itself.   A small 3m X 3m building looking like  a New York storefront.  Wierd!


  1. Well, darn! I want to see that Prada store.... even more than the Marfa lights! What I really want to see is if they actually put a price tag on the shoes and purses? I mean... how tacky is that? If you have to ask........ Oh the lights... yes, I'd like to see them too.

  2. Norma the cynic wants to know how many vodka you shared before seeing the lights. Croft the believer says, darn, we should have spent the night there!

  3. Unlike the lights, the Prada store is FAKE. It is a sculpture but with real Prada goods in the window.


  4. I had never heard of the Marfa lights, so I started to google. This is what I found: Sightings are reported occasionally and unpredictably, perhaps 10 to 20 times a year. Aren't you Lucky that you have seen them that ONE night you were there!!!
    love Claudia

  5. Cool!
    +18 in Saskatoon today....ok you can come to Saskatchewan now...lol