Sunday, March 30, 2014

Last Rv Out, Close The Gate

We got up early this morning to see everyone off at Las Palmas.  I woke up at 5:30 as usual, got dressed and went looking for an OXXO to get some coffee.  Tight ass hotel doesn't have coffee service much less coffee maker in the room.   I knew we should have brought ours but I forgot.  I drove all over town in the dark, ended up in centro with not a place open or a person in sight.   I headed back towards the hotel on the main drag and turned to the opposite side of the highway across from the Soriana.   Way down the avenue I could see a lit yellow sign of some sort.   It had to be an OXXO.   Sure enough, as I got closer there was a Pemex and the convenience store. 

However, it was closed except for the little window in the door.   They don't open the store to customer walk-ins until 7 a.m.   No one was inside so I knocked with my key against the door frame and after a minute or two a guy came out of the back.   I asked him for two cups of coffee and he said there wasn't any.   I told him, "get crackin' mister" and he made a pot of coffee while I waited.   Don't hack me off without my first coffee.

Back I went and Juan was worried that something might have happened.   I thought what, I found a bakery and pigged out on pan dulce!  We got cleaned up and just as we headed out the door here come the rigs lining up at the back gate to get out.   We said our goodbyes and off they went.

We headed back to the room, watched the news from Monterrey and off we went.  Stopped for gas, looked for another hotel to use in the future.  Las Palmas is off our list.  New rv price is 346 pesos and the room was 800 pesos plus tax.   Way too much for even a rich guy.   Time to move on.

As we got on the highway just north of Matehuala we found a parador on the right that had a gas station.   The restaurant is closed on Sundays, they must be Orthodox.   Outside though was a great torta stand and we ordered two to go.   Had a great drive over the mountains between San Roberto and Linares and arrived home three and a half hours later.   That little VW Pointer of ours is fun to drive on the mountain roads.   All's well.  


  1. A hotel that doesn't have morning coffee available in the rooms doesn't deserve to be in business.

  2. I agree about the coffee. Neat trip though to see your friends. Looks like when we pulled out of Villa Corona last year.

  3. It was great seeing you two too!!! Your are right about Las Palmas. Have fun in Canada and maybe we will see you on down the road.