Thursday, March 27, 2014

Less Than Three Weeks

Still waiting on the visa and there is silence on the Canadian visa site.  We know they have the passport and it was received.   They have people who do nothing but this so I guess there are a lot of Mexicans wanting to visit Canada.   The wait goes on.

I was concerned about the cabinet door I had ordered for the trailer.  I went by several times and felt like I was being avoided.   After all, he told me it would be a few days and now it has been two weeks.   I found him today and he was happy to show me the door and that he has been working on it.  Whew!   He has a crew of five guys and they are building furniture for a new restaurant.   Next week he will come and do the install.

I want to design a banner or sticker to put on the back of the trailer that says "Great North American Tour" with the blog site on it.   We still have time to get it done. 

As you can see by the pics below, Spring has sprung and the place looks like summer around here.   We are planting grass seed and have had some great success.  We still need to get rid of some clover and I discovered why we were hit so hard by the plague.   We had dirt put down last fall and we left it up to the gardener to get the dirt.   He probably bought cheap and pocketed the money.  Good, because now he has been tasked with bringing the yard back up to snuff.   I hope it was worth it. 

Still working on the camera install for the house.  Way too many options. 

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  1. Well, the good news is, clover stays greener longer than grass.