Sunday, March 9, 2014

We Need An Internet Option

Too confusing for me.  What is the best solution for internet on the road in the U.S. and Canada?  I know we can find many hotspots along the way but we would like to have access when we are at home in the evenings.

Any ideas?  I did some checking on a Verizon stick but there must be a dozen options.   


  1. If you're looking at internet only and not concerned about phones:

    USA: (this is probably a JetPack/Mifi device) This plan runs off the Verizon network, but is a fraction of the cost of going with Verizon.

    Canada: Bell Mobility turbo plan with a Mifi 2. The device is crap, but it's cheap and does work for a few months, so it would be fine for you.

    These plans will give you the most nationwide coverage and the best rates.

  2. We've been fulltiming for a few years and been using a Verizon Wifi device from the East coast, thru Texas, East of the Rockies to the USA North border and thruout Florida. It works 95% of the time and is fast. $50 per month and 5 Gigs. If we go over the limit it's only $10 per gig..Online billing works well too. Very seldom use 3.5 gigs with 2 of online a lot. Hope that helps. I enjoy your blog every day. Have a great year.

  3. Rae (above) has done tons of research on these as she depends on them for her business. We use Virgin Broadband in the USA where we are grandfathered at $40 per month. The new rate is $55. Their coverage is great on the Interstate corridors and we have generally been happy with it.

  4. I use the millenicom. 20 gig for $70. Verizon towers and device. I wish they had a smaller package with midi, but that is it.

  5. My solution for Mexico, USA and Canada.

  6. Millenicom. The service and equipment is Verizon, much better deal than going with Verizon direct.