Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Application Approved - Pending

We received confirmation last night that the Canada visa was approved.  The weird part is that you have to send your passport via FedX to the Canadian Embassy in Mexico City.  They will apply the visa to the passport and then FedX it back.  Of course you have to pay the shipping both ways.   Sounds risky to me but those are the rules.

The passport will be sent on Thursday.   So far it has been pretty fast so lets see if this works just as well.


  1. I had to do this when I went to China I sent it to the Chinese embassy Any time you need a visa you have to do this

  2. We are delighted with this news! Good times ahead!

  3. Great news. Now I have to stock up on vodka!

    1. Based on vodka prices in Canada we may have to work camp our way across the country!

  4. Woohoo! Good job on the Visa! I've got lots of Vodka....what kind of mix?

  5. Wonderful news! Now onto all the 1000 other details.