Monday, March 3, 2014

Good Trip

Made it to San Antonio.  We left Casa Blanca around 8 a.m. and arrived to San Antonio before noon.  It has really gotten cold here and the rain is coming tonight.
If any of you have passed through San Antonio with your rvs, you know there really isn't anything centrally located.   Not far from our rental is a mobile home park.  Nicely paved streets, good electricity but definitely not a recommended place.   You can pretty much picture the place but people are friendly and it is about eight blocks from the house.  You can't get any closer.
The manager wanted to charge us $120 for three nights and in the end, I was able to negotiate a week for $100.  Power is good and I have been watching the meter, FHUs too but no wifi.  So I am writing this from the McDonald's on Austin Hwy for those of you who know the city.
We made appointments for the a/c maintenance and the accountant for Wednesday and those were the most important things.   I'm power washing the house tomorrow and I saw a piece of fascia over the porch that has a small piece of rot or water damage and I have paint in the garage so I should be able to change that out.  The trim could use some painting but that may require that I come back towards the end of March.
Time for dinner and visit with friends and then hunker down for the cold.   The solar is working beautifully but we didn't want to boondock at the local Walmart.   The area has changed a bit and we didn't feel comfortable.
Brian and Sue sent us some good information on  Harvest Hosts and there new partnership with Boondockers Welcome .   Harvest Hosts are wineries that allow boondocking for one night.  This will come in handy along with our Passport America membership and the guide that Jerry and Paula loaned us. 


  1. Sounds like you got a darned good deal for the week... maybe since it's been so cold and miserable, folks are happy to see anyone traveling these days.

  2. Chris check out couchsurfing..I did it lots in my RV instead of being the host's home you are on their driveway.cheers les

  3. Great negotiation, $100.00 fo a week!!