Saturday, March 15, 2014

Great North American Tour - Route Change

My sister has been pestering me to make a reservation for our meet up in Yosemite.   I have put her off for over a week.   I have been checking California gas prices and rv and state park prices and we are going to steer clear of the state.   Gas prices are increasing as warmer weather and Spring Break get closer.  Average price throughout the state is $4.15 a gallon.   We have a choice in the U.S. and in Canada the prices are higher and there won't be any $3.25 a gallon fuel there.   No choice then in Canada and we have accepted that from the beginning.  

Instead, we have decided to travel up through Arizona from our Phoenix visit with friends and through the state of Nevada.   We can consider Las Vegas and take in a good show or hang around Lake Mead and then head on up to Reno where we will take off with my sister and BIL for a few days before heading to Coos Bay.

We both agreed we want to see California.   At a later date we can fly out, rent an econo car and drive the coast or maybe take a train trip.  


  1. Sounds like a plan! We always go through part of CA but manage to cross the border with a full tank and leave with an almost empty tank. It is not unusual to pay more than $1 per gallon extra in CA. Yosemite would sure be nice though!

  2. The high fuel prices are just part of the trip. I guess we save by just sitting for 5 months so don't worry about the prices.

  3. We have always steered clear of Calif.

  4. Last year we drove the length of California. Diesel prices were crazy. Will not be doing it again this year.