Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hey, I did it! Fantastic Fan Install

I bought the Fantastic Fan on line two months ago.   It was delivered to our friends in McAllen and one of their friends brought it to Monterrey.   It sat in the box only because I didn't have any Dicor and I doubt I would ever find it here in town.   

When we were in San Antonio we went to the rv parts place around the corner from our house.   A great place to buy stuff.  However, they wanted $130 for the install and they said it was 1/2 of labor.  What?  I then looked around the store and saw they sell the fan for $225.  Wow!  I paid $126 on Ebay new in the box complete.   I picked up three tubes of Dicor while I was there.

Turn the page, today I decided it was time.  There really is nothing to it.  What worried me was the crappy way they put rvs together and that I would have to jury rig something.  The old one came out pretty easily but getting all the old putty off was a b!@#&.   I got it all cleaned up and started the install.  Took me a few hours only because I needed a new drill bit.  There is one permanently lodged in the roof :).   Also, the inside shroud needed to be cut and I don't have a saw.  Yep, no saw.   I had one once but the blade broke and the handle is somewhere.   I went to the carpenter in town here and he charged me 10 pesos.  I gave him 25 pesos and we were both happy.  

Got home, climbed the roof and put it in.  The wiring was easy, I also bought two of those plastic thing-a-ma-jigs that you screw the wires into to connect them.  Worked much better than the other thingy where you stick one wire in each end.  I wired it up first to make sure it would run and bingo.  Nothing.  Now what?  I kept checking the wires only to discover the light was out too.   I had burnt a fuse.   Got it going and it worked great.   It ran all afternoon and the solar never blinked.   I will always be thankful to Croft and Kevin for helping me install the solar panel.  Can't believe we carried that monster around for weeks before getting it done.   

So here is a look.  Any problems with the caulking, please let me know.  I did it just like the original.  They gooped over the screws and let it go over the edge and then caulked the edge. 


  1. Looks good to me. While you were up there, I hope you checked the rest of the original factory seams. :-)

    1. Thanks Kevin. Yep, I did check the roof and I need to get some info. There are some cracks in other Dicor areas. How do I prep those before caulking? Also, can Dicor be used on the sides where seams meet and around tail and running lights? Somewhere I read there is another caulk for that.

    2. Good for you...we payed the big bucks!