Friday, March 7, 2014

Back and Gearing Up

Just got back home to Mexico from San Antonio, Tx. Mistreated by ICE on the U.S. side, and warmly welcomed by the Mexican immigration and border guards.
Then, as we head home we met two checkpoints; one Mexicans soldiers and the other Federal Police. All with smiles, handshakes and a bienvenido.

Why can't American border agents, ICE, and U.S. immigration do the same instead of acting like such asses?

We had a beautiful drive home taking the libre from Laredo to Monterrey.   We hit Friday rush hour traffic but got to the house just as dark was upon us.  I put the SUV in reverse and backed that baby in the first time.   I guess I've gotten good at it.

Here are some pics from the week:

The LEDs using just a wisp of energy from the batteries!

The chicken salad that was made for me last night served on the doily my neighbor made by hand.

Now the heat is on and I have a laundry list of things to do to the rv.  I'm ready to go and there is no turning back.  Daryl and Sandy, we're coming your way!


  1. Lovely 'doily''s not dollie!!!!lol.....Marilyn

  2. The main thing is that you are back and safely. The new lites in the RV look very good. One more thing crossed off your list.

  3. Oops, in a hurry I didn't use my spell check! Thanks Maryiln.

  4. We'll be at a campground near Merritt BC for the summer - sure hoping you guys can stop in to see us!

    1. Looks like we are headed that way after we stop in for a visit with Croft and Norma!