Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Chisel and A Hammer

There are some home projects that have been on the board for awhile and now it is time to get it done.  We had some cracks in the driveway to clean out and fill and then to get the pool cleaned, re-grouted, fix the trim edge around the pool and  install an LED.  We never use the light in the pool, 300 watts, too bright and attracts bugs.   We have a dimmer so with an LED we can leave it on all night if we want.

I went to the gym this morning and before that I bought a 20 liter jug of acid, wire brushes, and some other odds and ends.   By the time I got home, the workers had pretty much finished the driveway.  I gave them some styrofoam to smooth down some of the work.   

Yesterday I stopped by CostCo and looked at the security cameras.  I know nothing about this subject and had lots of questions.  Being CostCo there was no one there who knew jack anyway.   I got the website and will call tech support on Monday.   Here is my question anyway:

Do you connect the DVR directly to the internet router?  Curious because if you have it connected to a laptop and power goes out, no one is there to reboot it.   Hmm.

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  1. I bought a product from Amazon called VueZone. - What I like is that the cameras can capture movement and upload it to their company website immediately. If a bad guy finds the camera and smashes it; I still have his picture saved. No computer required! The base station plugs into the router so that needs to be on but that's it. We are getting quite a few false alarms on the outdoor one, some are birds, others I don't know about. The inside ones do catch the cat wandering around but who cares. The online service is only $50 US a year. The cameras are controlled from our phones as well. I like the product!