Thursday, March 20, 2014

Gotta Love Mexico!

I spent most of yesterday downtown.  I had a list of things to look for.   First stop was a lighting specialty store.   I was looking for a small 5W bulb we use for the lanterns on the sides of the gates.  The carry LEDs, colored bulbs of all kinds and sizes.   No packaging, she opened a catalog drawer and pulled out the bulbs and put them in a tiny plastic bag.
Further down the road I stopped to get information on sending passports to Mexico City via couriers.  I had it all worked out and then Juan went by later and they said they couldn't do it.  I'll go back today and talk to the manager who I had originally spoken with.  Some confusion there but I'll get it straightened out.
Off towards downtown and all the one way streets.  Here I am siting at a light and car coming straight at me.  The guy next to me starts honking and going crazy.  Somebody made a mistake, but it's not the end of the world.  I've done it myself over the years.   Sitting at a parking meter going over my list I hear honking again.  Another person going the wrong way again but on another street.  I guess it is common here because most people aren't familiar with the streets in centro.
I made my first stop at the hule (rubber products, gaskets, washers, grommets, etc.) store.   They had something similar to what I want for the slideouts but not a match.   He whacked off a sample so I could check it out later.  Again, no packages, just rolls of rubber in all different sizes and shapes.  I drove around the corner to another hule store and it was pretty organized and the guy new what I wanted it for.   I didn't ask if he had an rv or knew of someone, but we do have a couple of used rv dealers here in town.   Again, not a perfect match and he cut off a chunk for me to go.  One last stop and I found another place.   Nothing at all, big disappointment but that stop led me to another place I had forgotten about.
Around the corner was a Steren store.  They specialize in all things electronic.  I was looking for a small 12V to 110 for the television and living room lamp in the trailer.   Bingo.   I brought it home but I think it uses too much juice.   I'm taking it to my local electronics guy here in town to have him check it out.  
I am looking for an inline water filter but all I have found so far are ones that remove sediment.   We something that removes more than that.   We don't want to risk drinking the water in Canada or the U.S.,  hahaha. 
It was fun driving around downtown, lots of old buildings, specialty shops and friendly people who don't know much about other but what they sell and in that they know a lot.   Beats the big box stores and their standard stock answer  "lo que esta alli, es todo lo que hay".   Whatever is on the shelf is all we carry. 


  1. Chris, we have used Nature Pure for several years. It is spendy, but great. CW used to sell them, but sure they didn't sell enough and no longer stock them. Go to We use a regular type filter for all the water which comes into the 5W and the Nature Pure for drinking, cooking and the dogs' water. Don't care where you are, the water is not to be trusted IMHO.