Saturday, March 29, 2014

Surprise Trip To Matehuala

 Paula sent me a message last week about their trip north to the border.  Jerry, Paula, Sal, Barb, Heinz, Ulle, Peter and Madeleine were going to spend two nights in Matehuala and do a day trip to  Real de Catorce.   She wanted to know if we would be interested in driving down and spend a night to have happy hour and dinner.  Who could refuse. 

It wasn't a long enough visit but it sure was fun.  We plan on seeing them off in the morning (Sunday) and then we will head home before noon.   We had a beautiful drive over the mountains and will head back the same way.   Talked about our trip and got some great ideas.  I also posted on Rv.Net under the Canada forum and am receiving lots of information.  Looks like we should be taking six months instead of four to get across the country and then back home.

I'll try and get a pic of everyone heading out in the morning.  It was a blast!  Never enough.

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