Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Good News

As some of you can attest too, our road has been an issue of controversy ever since we have lived here.  Four administration and lots of promises or excuses why something can't be done.  Last year we had another change of administration, now the part is the PT.  From one day to the next they came and graded the road with a bulldozer but didn't put any type of gravel or material down.  The months go by and the rains come and the potholes return not to mention the mess it makes of the cars and the kids who walk to school.
In December, I began again.  The weeks went by and I kept showing up  as usual.  Then one day, the same person tells me I need a written petition in addition to the report I filed.   Oh brother.  So I wrote a petition and gathered a few signatures from those neighbors I could find.   I turned in the petition and the weeks went by.
I showed up again and this time I was ushered into the architect's office where he put the cards on the table.  No promises but hopes that they could at least level the road and put down gravel.  I thanked him and went on my way as always. 
You pretty much know my routine, up at 5 a.m., showered and off to the gym, return home and shower again to do my chores or visit a school.   This day was an exception and I stayed home from the gym and worked on a translation and some lesson plans for teachers.   I didn't shower and still had on my pajamas.  All of a sudden, there is a knock at the door.  Three men standing outside with cell phones, folders under their arms, the works.   Another, oh brother, now what did I do wrong.
They came from the city to express their disbelief in the condition of the road and that action was being taken.   They handed me the following letter that they sent off to the state water board:

Dear Sirs,
By way of this letter we send you a cordial hello and at the same time we are asking that you do a study at the following address.   We would like you to program maintenance on water lines and the extension of water and sewage drains on Camino Al Eden, this will be part of the public works project to pave the street with concrete as part of the program for 2014.
Arq. xxxxxxxxxxxx
Oh ye of little faith, I will still wait and see what happens.  They want me to stop by the office this week so we can program the grading which will do until the rest of the work is done.  The water board here works slowly and with us gone for four months nothing may happen.  But when we return, it will be full guns.  I can't let this golden opportunity slip out of my hands.  Could it be that after 13 years we may have city water service as well as a paved street?


  1. I'm still laughing. After all your effort to get something done about the road and the day they finally arrive you are still in your PJ'S :)

  2. Just as you get it all done, someone will come along and buy the place!

    1. May be added value! On the other hand, I told Juan should they pave the street maybe we'll stay for a couple of years, hahahaha.