Friday, March 14, 2014

The Clock Is Ticking

Yesterday I got the carpenter to come to the house.   The drawers in our bedroom dresser keep rolling out while we drive and if we aren't just level the slowly roll out.  Imagine at night, I hear this slow rolling.  Croft mentioned adding drawer magnets and I did.  It worked for awhile one broke off.  The carpenter said the drawers were not installed properly and the wood is poor quality.  Well, tell me something I don't know about the rv industry!

Also, we have a corner entertainment center that has cabinets above and below but with a huge section in the middle for a television.   With the new flat screens it is just wasted space and our rv only has one small outside storage for the water hose, electrical cord, and the sewer hose.  Interior storage is abundant though with lots of cabinets and under bed storage. 

I asked him to make a door that looks like two cabinet doors so that I can attach a flat screen on the front and still lift up the complete door and put shelves inside.   Total price, 800 pesos.   Keep in mind, here in the north things are much more expensive.

Today I quiet the water pump.  I'm tired of the thumping.   It is located underneath the refrigerator behind the converter and the crappy Suburban furnace.  I need to remove the furnace, which I have done before but didn't take advantage of the work to do the pump.   I will put padding underneath the pump and hope that will quiet it.

Last big task is to take the trailer out for the day to have the wheel bearings and electric brakes checked.

We may change our route plan and go to San Antonio first if the insurance company gives us a go ahead on the roof that was damaged by hail.   It would be a good time to order the seals for the slideouts.  When I was on the roof this week I noticed one is starting to deteriorate.


  1. WhooooHoooo... countdown! Won't be long now that you'll be on the road. Looks like you're down to the end of the "to do" list.

  2. when do you actually leave and when do you want to be in Canada and the west coast cheers les

    1. Hi Les, we hope to take off around April 15th, passing through to Vancouver around May 22nd. The visa is for May 15 to Aug 1st.