Monday, March 17, 2014

The Funniest Place To Put It

Today by the way is a national holiday celebrating Benito Juarez a Mexican hero.   We had a list of things to do today and got them all done.   Except one.

I mentioned the other day that the water pump makes the famous banging sound.   I new its location and had found it before.  It is buried under the refrigerator behind the Suburban furnace and the converter.  The furnace is a PITA to put back in and the converter is a disarray of wires.   I chose the furnace and dug in to investigate.  It is on its rubber supports and well-attached to the floor.  We did several tests to look for banging pipes against walls or in this case banging hoses and found none.  It's a noisy pump.  I can't get to all four screws so I stuffed foam under the pump and to no avail.  It does seem to be a little less noisy so that will just have to do.  Doesn't really bother me much so not a big deal.

When we took off for San Antonio a week or so ago, I noticed one of the trailer tires was low.   We filled it and I kept my eye on it.  We had also purchased new tires at Discount in San Antonio for the SUV and before heading home we drove by and had them check the trailer tire pressure.  All was fine.  Today, just by chance, I was inspecting the underside of the trailer for any odd looking stuff.  There it was.  There is a large screw wedged in the tire.   Another thing to add to the list.  It will probably be easier for me to take the tire off and have the vulka down the road fix it.

I called Cruiser Rv today to find out what kind of axle we had on the trailer, if it had zert fittings or needed the bearings removed and greased.   I called Tech support and the guy was about as helpful as well, I don't know what.  He said to take the wheel off and look for a cap, that would tell me if it was or wasn't.  Hmm, funny, before I called it says on the website to have your VIN ready so they can give better tech support.  

I also asked about parts.  I told him I wanted to replace the rubber seal around the slideouts as it is getting worn.   He asked if I was a dealer and I said no.  He asked where I was and I responded Mexico and his comment was "That's not gonna happen".  I then explained that we have a U.S. mailing address and his comeback was, "Well, doesn't matter, we only ship to dealers".  I'm like WTF!  

We have a street downtown and all the businesses there deal only in rubber, hoses, gaskets, etc.  I'm sure if I cut off a piece they can match it.  Oh the woes of the rv industry.   I wonder if I bought a Prevost I would be treated better.


  1. Yep I think you hit the nail on the head there!!!! LOL

  2. We had to replace some on our 5er ...there is a web site that has it all ..give me a day to think of it and I'll send you their address ..Carol