Friday, March 13, 2015

Everybody's Gone and A Short Hospitalization

We said our goodbyes to Mercedes and Pico de Gallo (a cute chihuahua).   She headed off to Galveston, Lafayette and then to the state of Florida before heading back to her home in New Jersey.  A good time had by all and it was fun having a dog in the house again.  Bill and Bonnie headed back to Texas and according to what I have heard, everyone who came to Mexico had a great winter or still are, and have had no issues.  Good.

Celebrating Mercede's birthday!

Juan didn't have any issues with his accident until yesterday morning when he woke up with severe back pain.   I gave him some aspirin and sent him off to work.   Later that day he said he was going to see a doctor and called the insurance company first.   Next thing I knew he was in a private hospital, had x-rays, and then was getting an IV for a muscle relaxer.   

Boy, even hospitals in Mexico know how to make a buck or in this case a peso.  They really reaped the benefits of private healthcare insurance at least on the part of the car insurance company.   

Now he is home for a week of rest, a neck brace and a harness around his torso.   He's fine but has some vertebrae that are out of whack and with the help of these devices he should be fine. 

We have a three-day weekend and will be hanging around the house.  Monday we celebrate Benito Juarez although the actual day is the 21st they have moved it to Monday the 16th.  It will be interesting to see if the border is busy seeing world currencies have taken a major hit.  

Supposedly, this will change on the 18th as the Mexican Fed will start feeding money into the system at a rate of 200 million dollars per month which should bring the exchange down to around 14.78 in the next month.   Mexico has a large dollar reserve at 168 billion dollars as well as 4 million ounces of gold.  I'm going to bet that Regiomontanos (people from Monterrey) will flock to the border for shopping and a short vacation. 


  1. What accident? Good to hear that Juan is home. Does he need a private nurse?

  2. I thought I read all your posts, but must have missed the accident. Whatever happened, I hope Juan is better soon. It must be awkward trying to get around with those braces... but then it might be harder to get around without them. Give him a hug for me if it doesn't hurt too much ;-)

  3. yes I agree first I heard about this good luck cheers les

  4. Glad you had such a good time with all your company. Sorry to hear that Juan is having problems from his accident. Such hope he feels better real soon.