Friday, March 20, 2015

The Week In Sixty Seconds

Okay, so the sun came out for two hours today.  Before I left I opened all the windows and doors, turned on all the ceiling fans, and left the front and back door open in hopes of airing out the humid cement block house.  Two lousy hours of sunshine and the rains started again.  Three more days of rain before we have a week of sunshine.  Enough of that.

Here is the week in pictures, enjoy:

Recovering from an accident!

Banana, blueberry nut bread.  No sugar, no oil, no milk and no eggs.  100% vegan

The fruits of my labor.  160 students take the TOEFL.  The official Test of English as a Second Language.  Not an easy task that has taken me two years to achieve.  Now on to the next step.

Even with all the rain and cold, Spring insists on doing its work that continues after 4 billion years.  A beautiful rose appears year after year in March.  The poor rose bush receives little to no attention.  Doesn't need it.  Mother Nature knows what to do.

My first ever Smart phone.  I ask you though, why do I not feel so "smart" now?


  1. We are also about to get our first ever "smart phone". A hand me down from our son. But, having used a borrowed one for our month in Korea, I do totally understand the value of having one for a traveler...

  2. Just think you can both down load an application (I hate acronyms) too find cheap fuel and booze! Congratulations! Mark S.

  3. Tummy looking bread. Well done. Hugs to Juan. Sorry about your weather, will it help to know that we had 3 days of overcast sky with only a high of 80F? Back to sunshine today.

  4. Ooops, of course I meant to type Yummy looking bread but maybe I was thinking with my tummy, I want some.