Friday, March 6, 2015

Overnighter To Chihuahua

Tomorrow I'm giving a plenary and a workshop here in Chihuahua.   I arrived around 10 am to the hotel after a non-eventful flight on AeroMexico.  I do wonder though what people do in the bathroom.  This aircraft was an Embraer 145 so it has only one small bathroom in the back.  In the front of the cabin is a lit sign that says it is occupied.  Well, after several cups of coffee in the morning it was time.   First one guy went by and he spent 15 minutes in there.   As I started to get up another guy went in before me.  He too spend around 10 minutes in there.  However, he came out with his cell phone in his hand and no earphones.  I wonder if he was texting or calling and I don't even know if that is possible at 28,000 ft.  Anyway, it hacks me off considering there were 75 people on the plane.   

The hotel reminds me of one of Ceausescu's monumental buildings in Romania.  The hotel is the largest in the city and they really haven't built any new luxury hotels in the city for over 15 years.  Mammoth hallways, huge rooms and the food is super expensive.  I think the breakfast buffet is the most expensive in Mexico at 225 pesos.   Yikes!

There is another section just like this on the other side of the elevator!


I worked in my room most of the day and then headed out to do some sightseeing.  In my rush to get away from my work I left the camera at home.   I went downtown and walked around for awhile, had a coffee in the square that was one of the best from a small coffee shop.   I had considered taking the bus but the taxi was only 60 pesos.   I stopped at a Soriana and picked up some fruit for breakfast and I had a fresh whole wheat bolillo with avocado for dinner tonight.   

Tomorrow I head home around 3:30.  Marina and David are coming on Sunday, Bonnie and Bill along with some other rvers should pull in on Monday and the CouchSurfer should be arriving about Monday also.  We may just have a party.


  1. NIce hotel but why the huge corridor? Should like your personal 'hotel' is going to be full. Have fun.

  2. We liked Chihuahua when we visited there a couple of years ago, we would have no problem going there again. Was the central plaza work all completed? It was torn up when we were there. I bet it looks great now!

    Sounds like it will be a great party. Say hi to them all for us.