Monday, March 9, 2015

Lots Of Visitors

Marina and David came to visit yesterday.  They had been making their way up from Puerto Escondido and had spent Saturday night in Matehuala.   The spent the morning coming over the mountains and arrived to the house around 3 p.m.  We went out for a drive to Allende to pick up the key to the gate.  Bonnie and Bill will be staying there tomorrow night.   We had dinner at El Pariente last night on our way back home.   Tacos and enchiladas.  

Today our CouchSurfing friend, Mercedes, came to visit.  She found her way without any issues and brought along her little friend Pico de Gallo.   I will take Mercedes downtown tomorrow for a quick tour and then back to the house.  We will be grilling steaks with Bonnie and Bill as their farewell dinner.

The weather turned to s)(*U today.  This morning when we woke up there was thunder and lighting along with a steady rain.  We headed out to the gym and then work.  When I came home Marina and David had already headed out for the border.   I went to bed because I am coming down with something.  It lingers but hasn't really hit yet so I started taking the Tamiflu regimen in hopes to head it off.  The virus here hits in two parts.  First a sore throat, headache and cough.   That clears up and a few days later it goes full blown.   I refuse to let it happen.  

So, off to bed and more later.


  1. A few shots of the good stuff...that'll head it off at the pass!

    1. Kevin is right! 6 shots of Tequila will scare that bug right out of you.

  2. A doctor at Sharp's Hospital here in Mazatlan said that 80% of the gringo visitors had been sick with cold and flu this winter. That's a lousy percentage. Good luck with the nasty virus.