Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Short Rv Trip - Very Short

Okay.  Thanks for the comments and they were motivating.  Although we won't go far, we will have wifi on this trip and it should be a good one.  

I am setting up the rv in the driveway this weekend and we will spend the night out there.  Doesn't sound far away but as Croft can attest to, the weather is not on our side.

The sun will shine tomorrow and then on Friday a cold front moves in with thunderstorms and rain throughout the weekend.

Hey, sleeping on wheels, the Mr. Heater keeping me warm, wifi and a cold vodka on the rocks.  Who could ask for more not to mention the company!


  1. Crappy weather to be sure but then as you say - good company! Rain always sounds good on an RV roof. It puts me to sleep.

  2. Enjoy the rain on the roof, and the company.