Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pictures of the Accident


Here are pics of the accident.  No real damage to the SUV but the woman who rear ended the SUV totaled her vehicle.  The SUV was pushed 25 feet.  Amazing how just the right hit in just the right place can mean a minor scratch versus a totaled out car.

Back of the SUV

The rear ender.  Her company said it was totaled.  I think it looks repairable. 


  1. I think it looks repairable too, but the cost of the work versus the value of the car determines if it is totalled. She should sell it as is to someone willing to pay for the repairs.

  2. If her air bag went off that would be the determining factor. They are outrageously expensive to replace.

  3. Good to know that your vehicle is doing well. Hopefully Juan is doing well as well.

  4. So glad that there was minimal damage to your car. Hope Juan is feeling better today.