Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mexico City - Settling In For A Week Of Exploring


Headed out this morning in the car towards Monterrey.  We were fortunate to be able to keep the car in the parking lot at the office in town.  From there we took a taxi on the street to the airport.  Standard fare is 250 pesos.   There is no public transport to the Monterrey airport.  

The airport is growing incredibly fast.   The new AeroMexico terminal is very comfortable, super large and modern.  Here is a shot walking in the doors. 

Wierd check in procedures.  We had to go to the automated teller to get our boading passes and then to the counter to check bags.  I think they are attempting to train customers to do their own work.

Sitting at the gate I had time to check my emails only to hear an announcement that our flight would be delayed because of heavy traffic in Mexico City.   It wasn't much, an additional 30 minutes and off we went.

After an hour we arrived to the Big Tamal.   Boarded an airport taxi and headed to our hotel.  We got an excellent rate at the Holiday Inn that includes breakfast.  I mentioned that yesterday.  Here is our room complete with a sitting area,  small refrigerator and microwave, coffee maker, very complete.

This is the World Trade Center looming over our hotel room.  I think we are going over tomorrow for a tour.

We ordered some extra hangers, printed out a bill to pay at the bank around the corner and off we headed.   At the bank I activated my new debit card at the ATM while Juan was on the phone activated our new credit cards (renewals).  Living in Mexico is so easy.   After, we started looking for a place it eat.  That didn't take long.  Look at this food stand!  I had two black bean and nopal tacos with a mean avocado sauce.  Juan had a chili relleno taco and a carne asada.  Fun being out and about.

Did a bit of set up shopping.  We got a bottle of vodka for 62 pesos.  While at the corner store I asked if they had ground coffee.  Even though we get coffee service I prefer to make my own.  She said she didn't but the house cross the street sells fresh ground coffee.  Sure enough, they had Mexican and Italian coffees for sale.   One kilo of Mexican blend is 190 pesos.  Still looking.  Came back to the hotel for a quick nap and now we are off again.  


  1. Looks like a fun week. Just so you know, there's a really easy airport bus in Mexico City that costs 35 pesos each. Probably cheaper than the taxi.