Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Break - The Big Tamal

That's right.  Two round trip tickets to Mexico City for a week.  Got a great deal on tickets at less than $100 each round trip.  The Holiday Inn Napoles was a super discounted price too at 60% off.  The room has excellent wifi, a complete gym and a full breakfast.  Our favorite restaurant, La Strega is two blocks away so we can make it home with little effort.

One event per day on the agenda such as the pyramids, museum of anthropology, among other things.  Shopping malls and movies are around the corner as well and you can imagine the treats we will eat.  I want to go to Bellas Artes one day and then have lunch in Chinatown.  

Too much fun to be had in D.F.  Our flight leaves mid-morning tomorrow and we come home next Tuesday for some relaxation around the quinta.  The weather is cooperating and on Friday this week the high will be 35C in Monterrey.  Let's hope the pool is warm enough for a swim or two.


  1. Have a great time!!!! Marilyn

  2. Looking forward to the stories! Have fun!

  3. Woohoo, let the celebration begin! Enjoy.

  4. Have fun! We look forward to all the pictures!