Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sitting In Victoria, Texas


I made my way to McAllen yesterday afternoon.   I have two courses this week and two next week.  Tomorrow's course is in Port LaVaca and Thursday in El Campo outside of Houston.  I spent the night at Victoria Palm's Rv Park and Hotel in Donna.   That's where I stayed last year for a month while I was working.   I went to the gym this morning and a lady walked in and said, "long time no see".   I was surprised anyone would remember me.

I stopped by the office and picked up 300 sets of books to be used between the two schools.  This course is for the SAT and it is much easier and an hour shorter than the ACT.   I took off up Hwy 281 to George West and cut over to Victoria where I am spending the night.  Not sure why they booked me 30 miles from the school but that's not up for me to decide.  

It was tense going for the first 100 kms getting through Brook County.   I was truly shocked I wasn't stopped today.  It happens 80% of the time.  They see this gringo in a Mexican plated car filled with boxes so I guess that looks suspicious.  I made it through the northern checkpoint with a few questions about my work and off I went.   After George West it was smooth sailing. 

Tomorrow in the afternoon I'll be heading to El Campo to spend the night and work there on Thursday before heading home.  The company has made one good decision.   We no longer deal with money and the schools are billed directly.   It was a hard thing to do because most people in the border area don't manage bank accounts.  Imagine if I had ever been stopped and searched and had to explain why I was carrying 200 envelopes each with $39.  It was far from safe too having to carry all that cash around.  Glad that is over with.   Maybe some hanky panky was going on there, not for me to say.

Next week I return to McAllen to take a flight to Dallas, spend the night and work the next day in a town called Kaufman.  After, I fly to Corpus for another event and then take a rental car back to McAllen airport.

That should pretty much be it for the fall season but the Spring is booked solid.   That will be a good thing because we can come up and vacation with the rv.  

At home the battery terminals were changed on the SUV.  Total cost, 50 pesos or $3 at the current exchange rate and freon was also put in at 400 pesos.   The roofers did the tarring of the roof but haven't come back.  Yesterday was Monday so we can understand that but today was a big let down.  Anyway . . 


  1. Sounds like you are keeping busy!

  2. Re the gym... you are unforgettable. As to the spring does that mean no visit to the Isla?

  3. Maybe you can talk a little about your winter vacation plans...?