Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Mazatlan - Settled In For Another Week


I think most of the big party stuff is over until New Year's Eve.   The last couple of nights have been around the fire with good conversation.  I've done my morning walking around the island getting in my exercise.   We've had a chance to visit with quite a few people, made new friends and catching up with old.   Sue and Gerry are here but we haven't caught up with them yet.  Sue has been under the weather but she sent me an email last night.   We had run into Gerry while we were out riding bikes on our way to the ferreteria.  

As always, rvers have some type of minor issues mostly encountered by bumpy roads.   When we travel, we find those roads.  I've discovered over time that toll roads are no guarantee and that many times the libre or free road is better.   That was the case of our trip down here this year.  We stuck to the Espinazo del Diablo and even though it's a real twisting and curvy route.   The scenery is just too beautiful to miss.   The pavement is truly the best but we drove in 1st gear the last hour and a half occasionally pumping the breaks.

Oh, so our minor issues.   We came with only one LP tank.  The other was supposed to get a valve change but it wasn't ready in time and we left with only one.  There is a small leak in the double valve so we need a cap for the empty tank side.   They didn't have it here on the island so today we go to Mazatlan to see Wandering Mike off on the ferry to Baja and we'll pick that up.    A water leak appeared behind the toilet.   I tighted the nut, put tape on the nut and finally bought a cap that stopped the leak but rendered the toilet useless except for a nightly #1 run.   Today I will look up the model number and see what other parts are back there that can leak.  It's not leaking now so I know the connection isn't the issue it is something up above it.

Today we take off for a walk up to the faro or lighthouse.   We've done it before but we need something a bit more vigorous or challenging than my walk around the island although I get a good view of island life.   There has been a bit of chit chat about the island history so I have begun researching it.   Too many stories and some are a bit sketchy or not very believable.   I did find out that the Plaza Machado was a piece of land donated by Juan Nepomuceno Machado who was  Philipine merchant.   He left the majority of his wealth to Mazatlan for the development of public places, parks and churches.  

The island history is a bit more complicated and I continue searching.   Anyway, we're in a cold spell now but I like it.   Off we go and I will be posting pics of the lighthouse and the views from above.


  1. Better than the cold spell in Monterrey!

  2. Cold spell! You have no idea , hitting the road in 3 more days

  3. It is so different traveling without the RV... you are experiencing what we usually do... LP tanks etc. This is our first real trip in Mexico without our RV .... renting a bungalow.... and I really don't know (yet) how to weigh the pros and cons. Just wish you two had time to come south and visit us... one of these days.

  4. would love to hear what you come up with on the history of the island.