Monday, September 4, 2017

Thinking About Going To A Vlog

Yes, my blog seems to get dry when we're not on the road.  I have lots to say but many of my readers are not into politics, religion or sex (I don't mean the act, I mean all that goes around it).   I'm a natural guy and believe all that we do is driven by Mother Nature not some imaginary figure that lives in the clouds.

With a Vlog I can ramble all I want and there is always someone to listen.  There are lots of Americans, Canadians and even Mexicans who would enjoy learning more about living in Mexico and boondocking versus only rving in Mexico and using rv parks.  I have nothing against it but we don't have a 45 footer nor do we need to have FHUs.   I find so much misinformation regarding Mexico, rving, and living here.   In most cases, I find information that is based on a short superficial visit or hearsay.   If you've only traveled to Puerto Peñasco and stayed in a classy rv resort and drove around Guaymas your experience is very limited and cannot base Mexico on that.

I might lose a few readers but at the same time pick up a lot more while I attempt to spread my word.  This won't happen in the next week as I need to work on the project.  Should I decide to do it, I'll maintain the blog but with reference to the Vlog on YouTube.  Just like here, you can skip through it if something doesn't interest you or go directly to the good parts.   Something tells me there is a big adventure coming up sometime in December that could last a few months.  Wait and see.


  1. interesting. Looking forward to it!

  2. Bring it on! This will be very interesting...

  3. I've learned... you don't know unless you try it. What have you got to lose...?

  4. Yep, bring it on! But I am curious as to how you are going to deal with your work on the US side since so much confusion is going on after Harvey; a lot of those kids are not even back in school yet because so many schools are in disrepair. By the way, did your house in Texas have any damage?

    1. The rains were negligible in San Antonio. I have three school visits around the Dallas area. I still need to contact them but I haven't heard anything either.