Sunday, January 7, 2018

Meeting Up With A Caravan - Start To A New Year

What a great ending to a Christmas vacation.  Yep, we didn't rv this last month but we now have a bit more freedom to do so.  The house is sold, we start back to school tomorrow and I hit the work road also heading to Merida for a day.   

However, an important pair of wagon masters crossed the border today and we just couldn't help ourselves but meet them as they passed not 30 kms from our house.  

The timing was amazing.  We arrived at the same time.  I had called Ruth at around 9:45 to see if all went well at the border.  No issues to speak of but you can get the scoop from them.   We agreed that about two hours was a good time and it all worked out.   Only downside was that they have a schedule to keep and the wagon master gave the wagons 30 minutes to gas up and hit the road for Saltillo and all points south.   It was great seeing them.   We are so accustomed to seeing them every year that it was great having a few minutes to chat.  Who knows, we could meet up with them as they exit the country later this Spring.

Over the holidays, mostly spent here at home, I hit the baking again.  I let the oven go though and have adopted using the crockpot.   I have discovered that I need a larger, oval-shaped pot to accomodate bread pans.   I made a loaf of whole wheat, pumpkin bread, and yesterday, a loaf of banana nut.  They're all vegan recipes but you'd never know it.  A little flax seed soaking in water makes a great egg substitute.  So easy and I stuck the crockpot in the rv and let the solar pay the tab.   Slow cookers and electric blankets do well on rv solar.   

Happy hours this last week were held in the rv.  I figured it was better to driveway camp then not camp at all.


  1. Hey Chris & Juan - Love reading your posts. So great to see you all having a quick visit. You know, it feels as though we have met you before so it is easy to enjoy all your posts. Someday...

    Glad you were able to sell the house. Must be a huge relief. One less thing to weigh you down. We have this year left to work and will once again, dip our toes in the delights of Mexico. We can hardly wait. Our trusty VW Westie was sold (sniff....) and we are now revitalizing a 1990 Bigfoot (a whopping 17 feet). We will see how the towing goes.

    I just know we will meet you both somewhere, someday!

  2. I sure hope so, the door is always open. 17ft is a pretty good size for two people. We're trying to do just the opposite and get a van camper. Life's funny.

  3. Driveway camping at your own house can be fun. It is good to read your posts

  4. Love that you are baking again. Great idea to do the happy hour in the RV. Creative thinking. No room here at RV1 for you. We are full including three ( yes 3 ) 45' Class A's with another wanting to come in as soon as someone leaves the front row. Things are changing.

  5. It's nice to meet up like that. Some day we'll head down south for a while, hopefully next winter...

  6. Oh I love this. SOLD the home - YAY!! And you must share some of your favorite recipes for baking in the crockpot since my oven is unreliable. The best news is you'll soon have more freedom to RV. I know a great little town that would welcome you.... ; )