Monday, March 26, 2018

Finally - Ready To Roll

We're taking a bit of a different route once we reach Matehuala.  We had thought about going to SMA first but changed our minds.  We're meeting up with friends at the Sierra de Organos Natl Park on Thursday.  We may arrive on Wednesday depending on how far we get tomorrow.   The change in route takes us from Matehuala to a town called San Tiburcio which is over 90% indigenous.  San Tiburcio is at the intersection of Hwy 54 which goes to Zacatecas.  This will get us to the park by heading west through Mexico.

Hoping we can make this tomorrow (Tuesday)

Wednesday will hopefully take us to the park where we can set up in hopes we beat some of the crowds.  I have no idea what the park will be like.  It has no services or activities other than primitive camping and hiking.  I have a feeling there will be ATVs on the trails and possibly horses based on the rules I read about the park.  When we were there in August 2016 there was no one there but this being Spring break in Mexico it could be shoulder to shoulder.  We can always move on.

The trailer is packed, a set of two new tires, and hooked up.  I'm sure we could get some more out of the tires but they were purchased six years ago and were on the rv when we went to Canada.  They sit in the sun and were looking a bit pale.  I cleaned out the water tanks, both black and fresh.  The rv hasn't been used for months for several reasons mostly the fact that we still work.   

The palapa is in its final stages of completion.  The ceiling fan was hung today, the sheetrock is almost completed and the worker is applying the mud now.   It looks great.  I'm hoping to get a picture in a few minutes.  I'll paint it when we come back.  I will also post a pic of my new car.  Nothing fancy but as usual, I got a great deal.  It's not new but has less than 8000 miles on it and has been garaged for the last two years.  Still smells new and rides supreme.  You know my style, basic, so it's white with a dark grey interior.  

After we leave the park next Sunday, we head to San Miguel de Allende to visit friends and poke around the markets along with a good hike.  We want to eat out somewhere nice and just hang out, boondocking of course.  I would like to look at a couple of houses in Dolores Hidalgo and this might be a good time to do it.

I hope I can sleep tonight.  Imagine, an old fart getting all worked up about a camping trip!


  1. Wishing you safe travels and a good camping trip. Dolores Hidalgo is a place where we could live, SMA is a bit too crowded for us. Plus in Dolores the sidewalks are wider!

  2. Chris, as we get older, we always want some adventure to look forward to and always planning our next adventure. You kids have lots of fun! Don't forget to send pictures and lots of stories.