Monday, November 15, 2021

Last House Sit Of The Year - Los Frailes - Morning Walk

It was an uneventful drive down to SMA.  We made it to our house around 5 p.m.  Several construction roadblocks along the way so it was patience on my part.  We stopped for breakfast at the San Pedro rest stop.  The food wasn't so hot and that is meant in both senses of the word.  No wifi either but since two years ago they added a hotel and it was packed with lots of paisanos.  

Guardia Civil, the new Federales, were at work stopping those paisanos with heavily loaded pickups and cargo trailers.  I'm sure they paid a hefty sum to continue down the road.  So much for "no corruption" with this administration.  After all, they were allowed across the border and on down the road with the same loads.  Sinful.

We were hoping to see some painting taking place at the house but it hasn't started yet.  We had ordered some bedroom furniture and it was delivered.  We had to get it upstairs but the base wouldn't fit through the small staircase.  Saturday morning we took it out to the patio and with the help of our gardener and his son we tied heavy ropes around both ends of the base with two below and two up on the roof and it was a heave-ho.  We got it to the top and took it down the staircase from the roof garden.  The first comment out of the gardener's mouth was, "Wow, what a view you have".  It is too!

So now we are at our housesit in Los Frailes.  Los Frailes is on the road to Celaya just about 1 km from the famous La Comer supermarket.  Then it's down the hill to the lake.  We have quite a view from here.  The house, of course, is huge and quite luxurious.  We are enjoying our time here not to mention the two dogs we are taking care of.  They are real jewels.

Amazing architecture and design.

This morning I took my morning exercise down by the lake.  It was a cool 43F this morning and practically no one in sight other than a dog walker and two guys putting a kayak in the water.  You can see from the pictures it's a beautiful area.  Les has posted many pictures on his blog from the lake as well.  Very serene and peaceful.  Walking briskly I was warmed up in a few minutes.  Lots of birds in the area that flock to the water.  I was surprised by the cleanliness of both the lake and the surrounding areas. 

Huge houses along the hike as well and some strange designs.  Many of the homes sport castle-style towers and many with solariums.  I want to get some pictures of that as well.  The only downside is that the train runs along the lake.   We heard the last train around 10:30 last night as we went to bed.  I guess no place is 100% paradise.  

Today is a national holiday even though it is not the original date of the Mexican Revolution (actual is November 20th).   A three-day weekend brought a lot of tourists.  It is also Buen Fin, the weekend where department and hardware stores along with small shops and restaurants offer steep discounts.  We are looking for a specific refrigerator so we may go to Queretaro tomorrow to the Home Depot.  What happened to white refrigerators?  We have a new range and oven but it's white.  

I'm still planning to bring the RV in December.  Our house sit from the summer is meeting us for lunch today.  They have a buyer for their home and want us to manage it for the next six months until the new owners can get here.  It would be just a day or two a month checking on the house and the workers but that opens the door for a lot of travel, work on our house, and using the RV as well.  They are paying travel expenses so we will see what happens.  More on that later.

And on another note, if you're not on Kevin and Ruth's Camping and Rv Gear Deals Facebook group, you should be.  In addition to great deals, Kevin has been posting some really good openers that have given me some good laughs.  Check it out.

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  1. Thanks for the plug on the FB group. Yeah... funny jokes. Even I laugh out loud sometimes!