Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Getting Out To Do Some Hiking
I've been working on a plan of late to get out every weekend.  Juan has little time for exercise these days.  He starts at 7:00 a.m. and finishes at 1:00 p.m.   Then he's back at his desk another two hours or more later in the day.  It's a real bummer but the closure and retirement are now down to a couple of months.  

I'm out every morning and try to take different routes.  The problem around here is that all the land is privately owned and fenced off.  Add the current climate you don't know where or who you might run into.  I do my thing around the house and have some errands to run but such is life.  I can't go off to Europe by myself.  

Sunday we went to Parque La Estanzuela.  It's a state park just on the south end of town.  It has pavers throughout most of the park and then you can pass the trails and go up to the top where there are pools.  We've been many times over the years and it is a woody area with lots of views.  Quite a few people were out but the park is so big you hardly see anyone.  Sounds of the birds and the water running in the streams make it a relaxing walk/hike.

I believe that this next weekend we will go to our place south of here and do a walk around and see what changes have been made at the resort.  The following weekend I am planning a full day trip to Potrero Chico.  I received a Facebook memory from one of the times Kevin and Ruth were there with us.  Good times for sure!  

Another spot will be the petroglyphs outside the town of Mina which is about an hour and a half north of us.  It has a small but interesting museum in town that has a genealogical tree representing one of the founding families of Northern Mexico and Monterrey.  I know some of those people personally.  The tree dates back to 1541.  

We are in a severe drought.  Our lake level is down 70%.  They are digging wells around Monterrey as quickly as they can.  They say this is the worst in one thousand years.  If it continues the bears will be coming down sooner than July this year.   You can see in the picture that there is only a very small lake over to the left.  The water should be about 4 meters from where I took the picture.  The police and forensic experts were out there yesterday when I went by and later on the news.  They were checking out buckets filled with cement and supposed remains attached to them.  Scary!

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