Monday, January 23, 2023

New Patio Cover - Cold Weather

I had started a post on the cathedral in Oaxaca but it sounded kind of boring.  The pictures are great and I may post them later this week.  We decided to start some projects with funds from my AFORE account, similar to a 401K.  We have three major projects to do.  A new or repaired driveway, pool remodel and a roof over the back patio.  We chose the roof first and it was finished this weekend.

Photoshopped with the columns.

It took about four days total and the guys did a great job.  First and foremost was their timeliness.  They showed up every day at 9 a.m. and were out by 6 p.m.  They were quiet, courteous, and cleaned up every evening not leaving so much as a nail.  

It's a steel structure with a laminated roof that matches the palapa roof.  There is more to do though.  We want the interior of the roof sheet rocked and make the columns to match the front porch and the palapa.  We are waiting for the rain to come so we can test the roof before doing that.

I was asked to speak at a conference in Ecuador.  It was a total of a week.  I gave it quite a bit of thought but, no I don't want to work anymore and it would just delay our plans.  Plus, I would have to put together presentations and also prepare for a couple smaller talks at universities.  The team there is very nice and they treat me like royalty.  They also know how to squeeze every drop out of you as well not to mention the sometimes 9-hour layovers in Panama.   Nope, I let them know this morning that I truly appreciated the offer but it was time to move aside and let the younger people have a go at it.  I miss it though, I enjoyed it thoroughly.  On to new adventures.

I'm currently checking flights to Spain.  Prices are still pretty good and AeroMexico has a direct flight to Madrid from Monterrey.  We still have miles to burn so that will help.


  1. I'm impressed with your workers attention to work ethic. We've been struggling with column repair here for over a month and it's finally getting done. Eric is a master with wood but concrete is new to him although he has done the prep work. Glad you cut the work's really hard to do but I'm guessing you'll enjoy retirement more.

  2. Glad to see you are enjoying retirement too much to be enticed back to work. Don't do it! We did and it took another 4 years to kick it again!

  3. But it's Ecuador! Oh well, you can always go there on your own. Congratulations for standing strong and resisting temptation.