Friday, June 9, 2023

Last Rver Out, Close The Gate

It was a great weekend.  Our friends Duwan and Greg stopped by for a couple of days.  They were here in the fall on their way south to SMA.  After they headed down to Oaxaca for the winter.  They stayed there for four months and took Spanish classes for a couple of weeks while there.  They headed back our way last week heading home to the U.S.  

They arrived during the rains we've had the last two weeks.  They are van-lifers and have a Transit van that they outfitted for full-time living.   They are true boondockers and a campground is usually their last resort.  

Their TIP expired today and they crossed the border yesterday.   They arrived Thursday in the early afternoon.  We took a nap and then went to the plaza in Santiago for a late lunch.  Coming home, we had a happy hour and they filled us in on their adventures in SMA and Oaxaca.  During their time there they took Spanish classes and participated in a lot of cultural activities.

Friday we hung around the house.  They were catching up on emails and preparing their van to cross the border.   Juan had a doctor's appointment at 6 p.m. for an X-ray.  We invited them along to see how the state's social healthcare system works.  They were quite impressed.   After, we had dinner at Ianialli's Italian restaurant in the downtown area of Monterrey.  Traffic coming home was just short of a nightmare.  It was late but time for a cocktail and some good conversation.   Like most Mexico rvers today, they may take a year off to travel somewhere other than Mexico.  

Off they went bright and early to the border.  They used the Colombia bridge and made it there without a hitch (no pun intended).  They are now in Austin.

Last Sunday, were the state elections in Coahuila and Edomex.  Heated and enthusiastic, it is a race between MORENA and other parties.  We're afraid MORENA may win as it is the president's party.  At this moment they are starting the conteo rapido or quick count, and then a final will be presented in the morning.  Of course, both candidates are announcing they are the winners.  

We found an odd fungus growing in the yard.  I say odd but it was truly beautiful.  It is one that belongs to the tree-hugger family.  Nature really has its way of doing things.   Greg helped me identify it.

Similar to what we bought.

Before leaving SMA we signed a contract with a cabinet maker for our kitchen remodel.  We sent a payment to get the work started and it should be finished and ready for installation in the next two weeks.  We are looking forward to it and that will be it for updating and remodeling until we return from Spain.

There is a good possibility that we will RV to Mexiquillo, Durango the end of June returning in July to prepare for Europe.  We have to get the RV out and it seems like a good place to visit.  We have passed it on our trips to Mazatlan in the past and the area is beautiful, forested, pines, cool evening air.  

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  1. It was so good to see you guys before we crossed the border. It did go off without a hitch. I think Columbia Bridge is my favorite place to cross - and we have crossed going one direction or the other in 6 different places now.