Saturday, November 11, 2023

You Never Know Who You'll Run Into

Very few people out before 8 a.m.  Much different than in the north of Mexico.

We made a dinner date with Les and Mike and Terri.  I told Croft we would be having dinner and he said to say hell to everyone.  I also told him I would take a picture but we were being kicked out before we knew it as we had spent over two hours chatting.  They closed up and we all said our goodbyes until January and headed home.

The funny part of it all was that we had finished dinner when a woman walked up to the table and said, "You probably don't remember me but my name is Wanda and you helped me out when I was in trouble".  Well, I do remember Wanda very well.  Back in 2011, she sent me an email saying she was on her way to SMA and her Westfalia had broken down by the municipal airport in Monterrey.  She was safe, her VW towed and she was staying in a hotel.  She wanted to know what would be a good gift to show appreciation to the gentlemen who helped get her towed and repaired her van.  

Such a small way of helping and she still visits the blog occasionally.  It does your heart good to know you have helped someone.  We always wanted to make that our vision for rving in Mexico.  We have considered several times over the years to offer a service of helping newcomers to rving in Mexico processing papers at the border leading them down around Monterrey to our area and giving them an orientation to rving here.  I guess we did find it in some way by belonging to Boondockers Welcome/Harvest Host.  We get a couple of rvers every year and most are new to all of this.  In the end, we get a kick out of showing people around and that there is a lot to see in northern Mexico apart from beating feet across the border.  

Coming back from my walk I passed the church and this mama was basking in the early morning sun.

The rains have come this week which is nice.  We have spent the last three days with estimates for painting the front of the house.  After all this, you sit back and say, "does it really need painting?" or is it something that just makes it more your own and puts a mark on your territory?

Our friends Christine and Robert are in SMA now and are doing a great job of getting around and seeing the sights.  They are going all over the place.  Good for them!  Christine will be prepared for her solo and Robert has taught her some essential Spanish.

Bitcoin machines are now popping up around San Miguel and most of Mexico!

A daily occurrence, these riders pass by the house every afternoon around 6 p.m. 


  1. It was a lovely get together great company and food….I always admire how you and Juan are always available to help anyone in distress!!!! Be safe cheers les

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